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SA’s biggest artists are singing to save water. Are you?

Up to 80% of our daily water usage can happen in the bathroom, with showers using an average of 10 litres per minute. During the water crisis that the Cape is facing, we need to do all we can to reduce our water usage and aim to use no more than 50 litres per day. One way we can do this is by keeping our showers to 2 minutes or less. That’s why we’ve teamed up with some of SA’s biggest artists who’ve cut down their top tracks to help make your 2-minute showers fun.

  1. Start the song and turn up the volume.
  2. Get into the shower and start singing along.
  3. Switch off the shower when you soap-up.
  4. When the song ends, so should your shower.

Listen to our free 2-minute shower songs to make your morning 
showers more fun.

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Boom Shaka Laka

album cover

Mi Casa


album cover


Taking it easy

album cover

Fifi Cooper

Power of gold

album cover

Francois Van Coke

Dit raak beter

album cover

Jimmy Nevis

Day dream

album cover


Déjà vu

album cover

Desmond & the Tutus


album cover


Wes Kaap

album cover

Springbok Nude Girls

Bubblegum On My Boots

Behind the scenes

Water saving tips

With critically low dam levels and not enough rainfall in the Cape, we need to work together to make every drop count. These water saving tips will help you understand how you can make a difference by reducing the amount of water you use daily to 50 litres or less.

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